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Welcome to our Online Shop

Dear customers, we offer the best prices for our tea leaves. Through careful selection, we have sieved out only the best quality tea leaves direct from China. We hope that you can enjoy and savour the delicious taste of such leaves at low and affordable prices. Please allow us 1-2 weeks for delivery. All our teas come in attractive packaging. Feel free to email us if you have any questions. Please read our billing information.

We are glad to speed up the delivery for you.

Price List for Tea Leaves (excluding shipping costs):
(All Prices are quoted in US dollars only)

Popular teas with Quality Assurance

*Pu Er tea
Grade A - $35 per kg
Grade B - $20 per kg

*Jasmine tea
Grade A - $40 per kg
Grade B - $30 per kg
Grade C - $20 per kg

*Tie Kuan Yin (ordinary brew, please refer below for gourmet brews)
Grade A - $50 per kg
Grade B - $25 per kg
Grade C - $20 per kg
Grade D - $15 per kg

*Grade 1 1/2A Tie Guan Yin
250g=$35, 500g=$60, 1000g=$120

*Oolong Tea
Grade A - $40 per kg
Grade B - $35 per kg
Grade C - $30 per kg

*Shui Shian Tea
Grade A - 250g=$35, 500g=$70, 1000g=$125
Grade B - 250g=$25, 500g=$55, 1000g=100
Grade C - $40 per kg

*Zhen Zi Pou Lei Tea Brick (7 pieces per box)
$30 per box

*Hong Tai Cheong Pou Lei Tea Brick (7 Pieces per box)
$120 per box

*Du Yun Mao Jian
$50 per 150g. For orders up to 500g, postage and handling costs is $25


*Grade AA Tie Guan Yin (Oolong tea)
250g=$100, 500g=$150, 1000g=$200

*Grade AAA Tie Guan Yin (Oolong tea)
250g=$150, 500g=$250, 1000g=$450

*Da Hong Bao (The Big Red Brew)
250g=$150, 500g=$250, 1000g=$450

*Huang Jin Gui
250g=$75, 500g=$150, 1000g=$250

*Grade AAA Shui Xian
250g=$40, 500g=$75, 1000g=$150

*Ginseng Oolong
250g=$100, 500g=$150, 1000g=$200

*Spring Long Jin Tea
250g=$150, 500g=$250, 1000g=$500

*Unknown year Pu Er tea
250g=$150, 500g=$250, 1000g=$450

*White tea
250g=$40, 500g=$75, 1000g=$150

*Taiwan High Mountain tea (large leaves)
100g=$25 (shipping, handling and taxes within US - $18)

Porcelain Stocks (1970s Double Happiness Series) - See
Photo Gallery

Eastern Tea is proud to present our stock of Chinaware Fine Porcelain. These porcelain would look outstanding with other tea pottery and can be used to eat Bak Kut Teh as well for the authentic southern Chinese (Hokkein) Fukkienese ambience.

Chinese Teaset These fine porcelain were made in the 1970s around the time of the end period of the Cultural Revolution. These pieces are bone china white and they have beauitful printed red ribbons that alternate with flower patterns on the surface. The red ribbon patterns contain the Chinese word of double happiness, suitable for weddings gifts and daily use as it is believed that eating from these plates would bring double happiness to the users. The flower patterns are influenced by Eastern European designs during the height of the Cold War. Thus, these porcelain wares are an interesting mix of Chinese designs, Eastern European influence due to communism and traditional bone china appearance. These plates are made in the Liling region in China. a famous pottery making region in the south that has made beautiful pottery for export for centuries. As these plates were made during the communist era in China before the bamboo curtain was lifted, they are no longer available for sale, not even in China. Only used ones may be found. But Eastern Tea is proud to announce that we have a stock of such brand new unused classical design pottery for sale. Below are the specifications:

Please note that prices below do not include handling

Flat Small Plate - Diameter 13cm
(suitable for desert, side dishes, bones for Chinese pork dishes, condiments, spices, chilli)
Price: Only US$3 per piece

Small Sauce dish - Diameter 6cm
(suitable for sauces, chili, condiments etc.)
Price : Only US$1 per piece

Spoons - Length 14cm, Length of Handle 7cm, Width of holding area 5 cm
(used as soup spoons and for those who find it awkward to use chopsticks, such spoons may be used instead or any other scooping purposes)
Price: US$3 per piece

Large Plate - Diameter 20cm
(suitable for main dish, rice , main dish, vegetable, serving dishes etc.)
Price: US$5 per piece

These are just some of the many goods we sell... stay tune!


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Exquisite East Asian Antiques

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We sell these too:

Moon cakes

Bay Tay Saw (dessert)

Porcelain stocks

Our Billing System

Send us an email with your queries and selected items of purchase and we will advise you accordingly. We have full-time staff and tea experts to attend to your needs.
Just send us your request, we are very interested to hear from you.

The goods will be deliveried to you promptly once payment is approved.

Payment Types Accepted
* PayPal
* Accepts Personal Checks
* Accepts Cashiers Checks and Money Orders
(in U.S. funds)

Express Mail Services

Dear Customers,

for all our goods , we are happy to speed up the mailing process by using top express mail services. If you need the goods in a hurry we would glad to bring it to an world wide express mail service and send it to you. Additional charges will depend on the weight of the item. We charge no extra for service rendered in this way.

Please note that for fragile items that are sent in this manner, we would include insurance as part of the costs as most handicraft items like pots are irreplaceable. For items like tea leaves and spices, insurance is not needed.

However, after sending any items ordered to the express services, if there is any delay, it would be entirely not the responsiblity of as such delays are subjected to the conditions of the countries involved and the mailing service company itself. Please help us appreciate this. So if you need the goods in a hurry just order our goods through eastern tea website and we would immediately rush to an express service and send it to you. Any delays after we bring it to the mailing servce, urgent express mail company is entirely beyond the control of our company. Thank you for using

Dear Customers,
We would like to inform you that due to the craftsmanship nature of our products, there will be some small differences in the dimensions of these products. For your kind consideration please.


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