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Welcome to our main pottery sales item

Eastern Tea is offering TeoChew teapots at an affordable price of only US$82 (including mailing). Please allow one to two weeks of delivery time. Please read our billing information. Eastern tea would like to warn surfers of imitation goods which are dyed red tea pots, made in Taiwan or Thailand. Below are our selections:

We have 3 different types of Red Clay teapots in our stocks for our customers to select from.

They are:

1. Orange Clay teapots, Diameter of body= 7cm, Height=7cm, Length of Sprout=3cm

2. Dark Red teapots, Diameter of body=7cm, Height=7cm, Length of Sprout=3cm

3. Mini Mud red teapots, its small size makes it suitable for outdoor drinking. Diameter of body=6cm, Height=5cm, Length of Sprout=3cm

All teapots are light in weight and very suitable for carrying outdoors. Some old practitioners of teapots keep the tea leaves inside the teapots to 'mature' the inner walls of the teapot's body to such an extent that sometimes when they pour hot water into the teapots, tea would be made without putting in leaves. However, for health reasons, this practice has been discouraged by other tea practitioners. Such matured teapots are sometimes auctioned off at high prices as they have been 'reared' to produce good tea smell.

$82 each.


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Our Billing System

Send us an email with your queries and selected items of purchase and we will advise you accordingly. We have full-time staff and tea experts to attend to your needs.
Just send us your request, we are very interested to hear from you.

The goods will be deliveried to you promptly once payment is approved.

Payment Types Accepted
* PayPal
* Accepts Personal Checks
* Accepts Cashiers Checks and Money Orders
(in U.S. funds)

Dear Customers,
We would like to inform you that due to the craftsmanship nature of our products, there will be some small differences in the dimensions of these products. For your kind consideration please.


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