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A little about us

Established in 1999 by five tea enthusiasts and now has grown to the size of a respectable organization. We are all from different backgrounds. You can contact us by sending us an email. Our email address is: [email protected].

EasternTea.com is grateful for the wonderful support it has received over the years. Through the strong support of the readers, EasternTea.com has managed to reach wider audiences than ever before.

In terms of geographical reach, EasternTea.com has been featured on German website www.artelino.com, Japanese website like japanreference.com, Mydome Osaka and kanjisteps.com, latin sites like Sobre Japon, Czech Republic sites like Linky, US sites like Truekisses.com, Malaysian websites like i-asianwomen.com (where we were interviewed online) and Singaporean sites like catcha.com.sg and SG web community.

In terms of contents, it has been featured on art websites such as www.artelino.com, computer online magazines like Computertimes online (on this website, EasternTea.com was the only website shown pictorially), on community website such as the SG Web Community (where we were rated 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars), Japanese resource website such as www.kanjistep.com (where we were rated 4 1/2 stars out of five), variety sites like Catcha.com.sg, marriage related sites like Truekisses.com, commercial and business listing sites like MyDome Osaka (semi-governmental in nature and EasternTea.com is placed on the top of the list) and women magazines like i-asianwomen.com.

Thank you for all your kind support and we hope to keep up the good work.

Big Thanks from EasternTea.com.

Quah H.T. is the Technical Director of EasternTea.com. He is an IT practitioner working for a US Fortune 500 computer company. He is a frequent tea drinker who has constantly been frustrated at the lack of tea information on the web or even books, particularly English publications. He is also an enthusiast in tea ceremonies and has been reading up on the topic vigorously. He has vast experience in IT presentation and hopes to make the site as accessible and as friendly as possible. He welcomes all feedback on our website. Mr Quah is currently doing research on crystals and hopes to understand the linkage between crystals and Chinese cultures (including tea) in the Fukkienese civilization.

Email [email protected]

Prof. Dave Lim T.W. is the tea and antique Expert of EasternTea.com. He is a tea practitioner who has been learning the art of Chinese tea ceremony for more than 30 years. He has performed in McGill University, Canada, museums in Singapore. He has also toured tea gardens in China and the rest of Asia. Besides training in tea ceremony, he is also interested in Chinese pottery, particularly tea wares. He has been studying Chinese tea wares and Japanese tea pottery for more than 25 years now. He write frequently on both subjects. He is based in Singapore and travels to Japan and North Amerca often to promote Chinese tea knowledge. Prof. Lim earned his Ph.D from Cornell University.

Email [email protected]

Kaye Ng is the official Chinese translator for EasternTea.com. She has extensive experience in the translation and teaching of the Chinese language. She is also an avid tea enthusiast and practioner.

Email [email protected]

Meet our latest constituent, Mr Lionel Chew, our Marketing and Resource Director. Lionel is a Chinese arts enthusiast who is currently working at a top financial company in Singapore. His expertise is in marketing and has a degree specializing on that. Mr Chew joined EasternTea.com as our local marketing and resource director and is helping us reach out to various audiences both globally and Singapore. EasternTea.com is proud to have him as one of our new members. Mr Chew's aim is to help us reach out culturally to the disparate audience that views our website everyday and serves as a liaisons officer in our communications with members of the public as well as companies and other cultural organizations.

Email [email protected]


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Nakao Yasuhiko is the Director of our panel of Japanese tea advisors. He is a Japanese executive in a major corporation in Japan for many years. He is an experienced department head and frequently drink Japanese tea. He has been doing research on tea leaves and intends to share and spread Japanese culture for the rest of the world to appreciate.

Email [email protected]

Nakao Fumiko is our Principal Consultant and she is a Japanese tea master who has been in the tea arts for many years. She runs her own school in Fukuoka and has been teaching tea arts for many years now. She has also been conferred the title of Japanese tea professor by the Omote Senke school. This school is the second largest in Japan and has aobut 3 million members. It is the oldest tea school in Japan and its roots can traced back to the days of samurais and shoguns. The founder of this school is the Father of Japanese Tea Ceremony, Sen No Rikkyu. Prof Fumiko is also one of the youngest practitioner to be conferred the title of professor and has performed in many countries and for many dignitaries such as ex Prime Minister of Japan, PM Hosokawa. She has also performed at places like San Francisco, National University of Singapore and Germany.

Email [email protected]

Chua Gee Huat is the Director of our panel of Chinese tea advisors. He is a chef with vast experience in culinary matters. He is also an old hand in Chinese tea drinking and tea cultivation. He has been drinking tea since young due to his father's influence. His father is a tea farmer at one of China's most famous tea growing site, Anxi. Due to his vast knowledge on tea growing and tea leaves, he is able to disseminate valuable information for our webiste on tea leaves in particular. He has also promoted tea to various countries during his stint as a chef overseas in countries like Pakistan and Australia.

Email [email protected]

We are honoured to have on our EasternTea.com outfit, many tea enthusiasts, supporters, researchers and well known advisors to bring good quality articles and research for readers.


Cheong Shook Lin - A student of Chinese arts and civilization and also an expert in Chinese cuisines. She is able to dispense advice on combination between tea and Chinese food.

Chew Teng Hock - Antique trader for the past 20 years and runs shops that sells antique tea pots from Indonesia to Singapore.

Chua Siang Koon - engineering student who is keen on Chinese tea arts and has been doing research on this topic.

Lim Heng Hau - a tea drinker with a passion for matching tea food with Chinese tea. He has been a dietician for the past 40 years.

Lim Weili - A budding tea enthusiast who actively seek knowledge on this topic.

Ong Ai Lian - Studied Chinese literature and Chinese arts and culture in detail. She is also a keen tea drinker.

Nakao Fumiko and Nakao Yasuhiko

Chua Gee Huat
Sakurako Nakao - former employee of the prestigious Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and an art and culture lover. She has great admiration for Japanese and Chinese tea. She has also done publications by the museum such as 'Gendai Chugoku No Bi Jutsu' (The Modern Art of China).

Scholsser, Katja - a German lawyer who has love for Chinese and Japanese tea. She is also a keen student of porcelain, European and Chinese. She has an excellent mastery of languages from English and German to Malay to Latin and French.


Woon Siang Tong - veteran antique collector of porcelain who has amidst his collection many antique teapots.


Mark Loon - proprietor of Yick Lee Trading Company who family has been amassing valuable Chinese tea porcelain for the last 20 years.

Chew Yi Quan - the Son of Chew Teng Hock who is learning the antique trade from the father and eagerly learning more about Chinese tea

Chua Liying - a tea enthusiast who is in her teens and has been reading up on tea leaves and their properties.

Lim Heng Hau - a Chinese tea drinker who has decided to pursue the passion for tea by trying all sorts of taste.

Ong Ai Lian - a student of Chinese culture who has constantly read up on tea and has been writing articles in Chinese for our website.

Nakao Sakurako

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