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Chinese Tea

Online surfers: is proud to present our range of Chinese tea.
Please tell us your desired selection and send us an email if you have any questions.

We are proud to bring you a new product. It is the 8 Treasures tea manufactured in Malaysia. It costs only US$30 (including transportation) for a pack of 6. Each pack is enough for one person to drink and prepared ready to drink. 8 treasure tea is a specially brewed tea with the following ingredients:

Green Tea
Jasmine tea
Winter Melon strips
Cane sugar
Rock sugar
Ginseng root
dried pear

These are the 8 treasures


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We sell these too:

Moon cakes

Bay Tay Saw (deserts)

Porcelain stocks

Our Billing System

Send us an email with your queries and selected items of purchase and we will advise you accordingly. We have full-time staff and tea experts to attend to your needs.
Just send us your request, we are very interested to hear from you.

The goods will be deliveried to you promptly once payment is approved.

Payment Types Accepted
* Accepts Personal Checks
* Accepts Cashiers Checks and Money Orders
(in U.S. funds)


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