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Women Problems

Problems With Menstruation

Irregular Menses:

1) Hot Chamomile and Cinnamon Teas
2) Tablespoons of hot Whiskey and Sage Tea

Uncomfortable Menses:

1) Drink Red Raspberry LEAF Tea 3 to 4 times a day.
This tea is also very beneficial during the last month of pregnancy to lesson painful contractions.
2) Hot Chamomile Tea with a dash of Cinnamon
3) Drink hot Thyme Tea

Heavy Bleeding During Menses:

Stay quiet and drink warm Cinnamon Tea. This should be a time to stop and redirect our thought patterns; a time to respect our bodies and allow it to go through this beautiful change with enjoyment as well as inner peace. It is because of stress and over exhaustion that our periods are sometimes irregular, painful, and heavy. If you suffer mild night sweats before and after your cycle, drink some Sage Tea and eat highly nutritional foods; also, try a warm bath of Sea Salt.

Folk Remedies for Pregnancy and Conditions associated with it

Easier Childbirth:

Drink Blueberry Root Tea at the first sign of strong contractions.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is simply the most wonderful and has many uses before and after pregnancy. Drink this tea in the last stages of pregnancy to ease the pain of contractions. If your nipples are soar before and after breastfeeding, you can wash them regularly with this tea. It will also help with even milk production and regulate heavy bleeding after childbirth.

If you're prone to miscarriage:

Star Root taken in small amounts several times a day will help prevent miscarriage.

Drink Sage Tea once a day over ice to prevent simultaneous abortion.

Nausea during Pregnancy:

Chamomile Tea or Mint Tea will help soothe and cool stomach lining and help to relax stiff stomach muscles.

Apply a cloth that's been dipped in Mint Tea and wrung on your stomach while resting.

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