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Drinking Tea Can Help To Fight Cancer

Easterntea will from time to time bring readers snippets of the latest news in the tea industry.

(Translated from an article in Lianhe Zaobao- morning daily of Singpaore) 16th July 2000 Sun Page 6

Drinking tea can help to fight cancer

Dr Chen Li Wu of the Singapore General Hospital said that drinking tea can
help to prevent cancer. He referred to an article by American Dietician
Association. The elements contained in tea leaves can help to prevent

However, Dr Chen pointed out that more research needs to be done in
ascertaining the full effects and benefits that tea can provide for the
human body.

Tea leaves contain a lot of minerals and has an anti-bacteria function. This
function is related to the anti-cancer function.

He added that in various types of tea leaves products, green tea has the
highest amount of minerals. This probably depends on the way green tea
products are made.

There are not many brands of green tea. They included the famous Xi Hu Long
Jing, Bi Lou Chun , Huang Shan Mao Feng, Lu Shan Wu Cha and the Japanese
green tea.

Tea leaves' mineral composition maybe high but once it is consumed by
people, how much of these minerals is absorbed into the body should be
further studied.

Singapore's experienced Chinese doctor Dr Lee Jin Long said that in Chinese
Immunology Centre's research showed that drinking tea can prevent
carcinogens from accumulating, thus there is a anti-cancer effect in tea.
Carcinogens are the cancer-causing elements in the human body.

It is understood that Chinese researchers has actually anaylzed 17 types of
tea leaves that is able to stop carcinogens from staying or forming int he
body. They declared that green tea and oolong tea has the best effect in
this sense. They are followed by black tea.

Dr Lee said that according to Japan's National Hereditary Research Centre
Head, some humans as well as animals have a element within their oesophagus
that has strong anti-cancer effect. It is a type of mineral. They found the
same element within tea leaves.

Okayama University of Japan's medical faculty's researchers have used and
conducted tests on tea leaves to examine this element. They want to find out
what are the primary elements that fight cancer that are present in tea

His conclusion was that there is a strong anti-cancer agent in tea leaves.
He also discovered that tea can lower cholesterol levels.

However, Dr Lee wanred that though tea is helpful in fight cancer, modern
science has made the causes of cancer clear. There are many aspects to how
cancer comes about. We cannot fight cancer by drinking tea alone. We have to
be watchful of our diet, and not smoke or drink and do regular sports.

Dr Lee pointed out that foreign studesi have shown that drinking tea can
dilute cholesterol levels in the bllod stream. This helps to unblock the
arteries, improve circulation and lower cholesterol levesl. It can prevent
heart diseases. Modern medical research has hsown that when the blood flow
is abnormal, it causes the cholesteol leves to increase and form clots due
to pressure. Dr Lee said that research has shown that tea leaves can prevent
these blood clots from happening and help to improve blood circulation as
well as lower cholesterol and in the process lower the incidents of high
blood pressre.

Fujian medical faculty disease-prevention research group has conducted a
study in 1974 on 1080 Anxi district farmers. The found out that drinking tea
helps to prevent illnesses. Those who do not drink tea have an incidence
rate of 3.1% of gettingillnesses. Those who drink tea occasionally have an
incidence rate of 2.3%. Regular tea drinkers have only 1.4% incidence rate.

Dr Lee said that evidently those who drink tea regularly have less illnesses
and less heart problems. He said that drinking tea, especially green tea has
another effect of trimming the boyd and help in digestion and alertness of a
person and help in urinating amongst senior folks .

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