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A Guide To Fruit And Flower Teas brings you a guide to fruit teas.

Basically fruit teas are derived from Fruits.

*rich in vit C
Jackfruits and grapes, Peach, mango and papaya and pineapple, banana,
cherry, grapes, pear , raspberry, cherries, elderberries, blueberries,
blackcurrant, strawberry, apple, apricot, sunflower blossom.

The flavour of these fruits are mixed with various types of tea to bring you
fruit teas.

Flower teas are teas made from certain flowers.

keeps beauty and keeps a person young.
helps in keeping moods good,
helps in maintaining general health

helps with immunity,
cools down the body,
helps to keep digestion well

helps with heatiness
lowers cholesterol

helps with digestion
reduces difficulties with digestion

helps with keeping heat down
helps to cool down the body after a hot day.

helps with circulation and nervious system

aids in digestion
helps to clean digestive tract

helps with keeping one's mood happy
relaxes your muscles
helps with opening up blocked noses

helps to improve muscle coordination

*bay leaves
helps to coordinate calcium

*small mallow
helps in irritated throats
helps to imporve circulation
helps in general health

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