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Welcome to our special services

Chinese Tea Ceremony

We conduct Chinese tea ceremonies to individuals or groups. Our Tea Master, Dr. Lim, is based in Singapore. Our charges are reasonable. If you are located in Singapore and wish to learn more about Chinese tea ceremony, please drop us an email. For groups, Our tea ceremony sessions are also very appropriate in a corporate company or public setting. We have conducted several in public libraries, museums and function rooms, and received great feedback.

Locating Specific Tea Sets

The tea ceramics experts in Eastern Tea has a wealth of experience in searching for, locating specific tea sets for all occasions and needs. We charge only US$50 fees for locating specific teasets, antiques or contemporary for collectors, event managers, weddings, etc.

Just give us a detailed description of the sort of tea sets you are looking for and we will do the rest. We have also located replicas of teasets which customers had wanted. For example, some had wanted the mid 20th Century art deco Villeroy and Boch series, we managed to locate the replicas of this series in the Radius Contemporary series made in China and marketed by Sango Japanese Brand. The format that we provide is stated below:

1. Is the tea set Oriental or western?
2. If Oriental, Japanese, Chinese or Southeast Asian for e.g.?
3. If western, German, British, American for e.g.?
4. Art styles of the teaset for e.g. art deco, earthernware incised, applique tea sets?
5. Any other details like year of manufacture etc.

We are also specialist in selecting tea sets for the authentic feel when serving certain dinners, for e.g. For Peranakan dinners, tea and meals, Pernakan pottery
For the feel of Louis the 15th's opulence, tea cups the match the occasion
For Chinese tea, Yixing pots
For TeoChew Bak Kut Teh dish, TeoChew red clay pots
For the classical British feel, the Jasper series
For the Eastern European feel, we suggest Chinese replicas
For the feel of German small town setting, we have the right pottery

It is all about a matter of style, we will select the pottery suitable for the occasion and mail them to you with insurance (costs will be footed by the customers). We hope that we can be of service to your event, whatever it may be.

Antique Teapot Authentication has a special service for customers. We can authenticate the old teapots in your homes for free. See our authenticator's credentials

Please send us photos and an accurate description of your teapot and we will examine it with our panel of experts.

1) US$25 - email based authentication, more than 100 words
2) US$50 - authentication with more that 100 words, customer to receive an authentication certificate (in printable PDF format via email) issued by with EasternTea header, Prof. Lim Tai Wei signature and his credential.

This form of authentication is non-committal. We can only authenticate to the best of our ability from viewing the photo and it cannot be used an evidence of its value and authenticity. This is due to the limitation placed on the experts by photos. True authentication can only come with examing and touching the piece itself. We hope that customers understand this point. We hope that you can use our service and use it as a rough guide for knowing approximately the kind of teapot that you have. We accept PayPal payment.

Visit Authentication Tips for a taste of what we can offer.

Online Search Service provides an online search service for people who are interested in finding out where the places are in Singapore for antique hunters and teapot hunters. We know which are the niches and corners of this country that sell teapots at a reasonable price and where the best bargains are.

If you are interested in using this service, just pay US$2.00 and we will reveal the best kept secrets in Singapore.

When you e-mail to us for this service, please tell us what you are searching for e.g. ceramics or earthenware for e.g. If you are searching for teapots please specify what kinds of teapots, new or antique, Chinese or European for e.g. Please be as specific as you can.

In addition, you can help us help you better by telling us the period of the antique that you want to search for, for e.g. Qing or Ming Dynasty so that we can direct you to the best antique shop available.

We are objective in this search service and would not merely recommend those antique shops that are partners with us or allied to us. We hope to hear from you soon and hope to be of your service.

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