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Yixing Rage In Malaysia

Yixing teapots are the rage in Malaysia now. Easterntea speaks to a Malaysian expert on this and found that the reason being that most experts believe that the clay used for such teapots are depleteable. In addition, most experts believe that tea brewed from older teapots taste better. As for the reason why, many do not really understand.

The reason why Malaysian Chinese are collecting teapots made during the cultural revolution is because these teapots were made from 1960s to first half of 1970s. As such they have gone through a few decades of usage. Many believe that the more times the teapots are used for brewing, the better the tea would taste in the teapot. Thus, going for such teapots would ensure that the pots are at least used for a couple of decades. They then take pains to distinguish the older teapots from the new and pay high prices for them.

Many of such collectors would not even consider new teapots at all, no matter how well made they are or how creative they are in terms of shapes and techniques. They also believed that it is better to snap up as many of such teapots as possible so that they have a stock of these teapots. They believed that Taiwanese collectors are hoarding such teapots and releasing them on the market in highly restricted numbers. As a result, they want to ensure that they do not fall victim to the Taiwanese teapot cartels.

In addition to teapots, handdrawn teacups are also the rage in Malaysia. These cups are made in the 1970s. As a result, tehy exhibit great craftsmanship as well as high quality.

Teapots according to them originated in Song dynasty. But due to technological backwardness, they were unable to extract the fine and superior Yixing clay from the ground. As a result, such teapots were made in small quantities and very limited. It became popular in MIng Dynasty.

Dr. Mahathir sips Chinese tea Extracted from Singapore's daily newspaper, The Straits Times
on 31 Aug 2001.

Dr. Mahathir is Prime Minister of Malaysia.


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