Old Recipe And Geisha
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Old Recipe And Geisha

How a 2000 year old recipe could save your life

An ancient Chinese recipe dating back to the Tsin Dynasty, Kombucha (kombu tea) is now being used by millions of people all over the World. It is perfectly suited to brewing at home. A Chinese mushroom, known as a Kombucha, is placed in a brew of sweetened tea, covered and put in a warm place for 5-7days until it ferments into a delicious beverage.

The resultant beverage, when consumed daily, is said to boost the immune system, prevent cancer and the side effects of cancer treatments.

It is also extremely good at clearing skin problems such as psoriasis, digestive problems and a host of other maladies.

I have been brewing this drink myself for about 4 years. I have shared it with friends and family who swear by its efficacy.

Adapted from: http://www.google.com

A geisha is known to be beautiful, pleasant, and elegant. They are also wonderful conversationalists. Despite the reputation that a geisha has as a prostitute in other countries they are wonderful women. They are in no way prostitutes but intelligent women who entertain men by talking and music.

They are the most perfect hostesses, they take on many tasks while entertaining, such as escorting men to the bathroom and back, pouring tea and other beverages, performing the tea ceremony, and putting on dances and playing music.

taken from:http://www.jolique.com


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