Qing Enamelled Porcelain
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Qing Dynasty Enamelled Porcelain

Basically, there are two types of such porcelain. the kuan type and the commoners type.

The styles may also be divided into the different emperors within Qing dynasty. The best pieces are usually found in the reigns of the first six emperors and the last three are generally regarded as inferior.

Enamelled porcelain really depends on the skills of the artists in drawing the pictures on the body. the more detailed they are, the better they are priced or value. Sometimes, overglaze porcelain is combined with underglaze colours of just blue and white.

The value of individual pieces is subjective. It depends on the style, the artistic work as well as the firing process. However many commoner pieces have their designs on the body scraped off thus lowering the value of those pieces.

Nearing the beginning few decades of 20th century, there were many pieces that were coloured in HK and then fired in central China before being exported to US or other western countries. These are known as Kuang Cai in Cantonese or Guang Cai in Mandarin or Rose Medallion pieces in English. Many teacups, bowls and other utencils used in the Chinese tea are decorated in this manner.

Enamel glazes have also been used on Yixing earthernware teapots resulting in an interesting fusion of colours.


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