History of China
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A Brief History of China

The Chinese civilization and race is actually divided into 2 civilizations. One originates from the north and the other is from the south. The northern civilization is the more well known of the two.

In the 5000 years of Chinese history, the southern Chinese had not been as prominent and powerful as the north until the period of turmoil during the Northern and Southern dynasties. However, they were not placed on par with the north.

Another example of northern power can be seen during the northern and southern dynasties (nan boku cho) when a tribe from the north called the Tabas attacked and conquered China.

Military power also seemed to be stronger in the north. For example, during Tang dynasty, the Chinese government had to hire northern Mongolians to defend their country. Eventually, the mongolians turned against them and attacked China, establishing Song dynasty. During Song dynasty, southern chinese were considered the lowest class of people.

Another example of northern military power can be seen with the establishment of the Qing dynasty. The manchurians from the north attacked China and conquered China.

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