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An Invitation From The Cultural Relics Circle

The Cultural Relics Circle (An international collectors' fraternity) is a voluntary grouping of serious collections who wish to enhance their knowledge of collecting Chinese ceramics constantly.

Singly as well as working closely with the Culture Society of Singapore we organise several useful activities a year for members' benefit.

Come May we invite a jade and ceramics expert from Suzhou to meet with members. In November we organise an international symposium on "Identifying and collecting Chinese ceramics in Year 2000 and beyond" by inviting two experts from Beijing and one each from Taipei, Hong Kong, the British Museum and Manila.

You are invited to joun us to take part in our many activites, paying no annual subscription nor be bothered by any bureaucratic rules. Simply send us your address and indicate your interests to become one of us.


Frank Yip M.A. (Convenor/Collector/Educator/Researcher/Writer)

Postal Address: Block 10-B, #23-05, Braddell View, Braddell Road, Singapore(579 721)
Republic of Singapore.

Pager: (65)9590 9439, Handphone: (65)9614 0883

Tel/Fax: (65)251 2286




Excerpts from The Cultural Relics Circle:

This antique is a Ming Dynasty Vase, dated back to 16 AD. The immaculate condition of the Vase reveals the quality and finese of the craftmanship.

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