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Gopaldhara Tea Estate is proud to be allied with Gopaldhara Tea Estate (Since 1901)

Gopaldhara Tea Estate

The name Gopaldhara is a deriviative of two words. 'Gopal' the beloved god-child of Hindu mythology and 'dhara', stream of fresh and pure spring water. The name embodies the philosophy followed by the Company - "To provide pure exclusive tea, fit to be appreciated even by the Gods." The estate is located in pictureque surroundings near the town of Mirik, in the district of Darjeeling.

Grown at an elevation of 7400 feet, the highest tea growing elevation in the world. The pure aroma and light golden liquor is a delight to be savoured.

This tea from Gopaldhara is manufactured from tea bushes especially selected and planted to give a unique unforgettable flavour. Each invoice is matchless, memorable and a tea drinker's joy.

The classy apperanace itself stimulates the senses and one instantly falls in love, never to forget the beautiful experience of savouring the brew.

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