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The Art Of Reading Tea Leaves


The Art of Reading Tea Leaves

This month's featured theme is tasseography. Tasseography, sometimes called tasseomancy, is technically a branch of divination where patterns of symbols made by tea leaves in a cup are interpreted. Not a science, and not new, it probably developed thousands of years ago in China, but it has also been associated with the Eastern European "gypsies," the Scots, and the Irish, among others. Although enjoying a resurgence in New Age philosophy, for most of us, and especially tea-drinkers, it just plain fun -- something to do as we contemplate the bottom of a great "cuppa."

Tasseography consists of three distinct phases. The first is creating the reading. The articles below describe, with some inconsistency, how to set up the cup so that it is "readable." The second step is recognizing the individual symbols, associating them with the inquirer, and determining their significance. This takes a knowledge of the symbols and no small amount of imagination. The third step is putting it all together in a way that combines the symbols into a single coherent interpretation. This last step seems to require practice and a touch of omniscience. So . . . with that brief intro, here's what the Web has to say about reading tea leaves.

Index to Tasseography

a. Overview of Tasseography/Tasseomancy
b. Places to Have Your Leaves Read
c. Places to Learn More
d. Chat room

a. Overview of Tasseography/Tasseomancy

Reading Tea Leaves. Golden Tips Tea Company, an Indian enterprise, presents this site which suffices as a brief introduction. According to the authors: "Eastern scholars are quick to point out that the ceremonial uses of tea drinking as an aid to meditation in China and Japan imply that the ancients believed that the configuration of tea leaves in the cup after drinking reflected the state of the world at that particular moment." Tasseography (Or Teacup Reading). From Esoteric World News, this site focuses on interpretation with a long list of terminology explaining the meaning of symbols. Also some instructions for creating a reading. Cute little blinking mushrooms. Tea Leaf Reading. Golden Triangle Magickal Arts Society. The most comprehensive site, with a good description of creating the reading and a long list of traditional interpretations of symbols. Reading Lea Leaves. Phenomena On-line. Good site with several illustrations of symbols. Focuses on interpretation; light on creating the reading. About Tea Leaf Reading. Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Page. Another list of symbols and a different way of creating a reading -- clearly the tea is undrinkable.

b. Places to Have Your Leaves Read

Tremont Tea Room. Boston, MA. A general tea leaf reading detailing the images within the tea cup for US$15.00; combination reading [tarot, palm, aura, runes, psychometry] US$30.00. Regina Russell's Tea Room. Quincy, MA. The tea room has been called a "supermarket of fortune telling." Visitors have their choice of readings and readers. Readings include: tea leaves, tarot cards, regular cards, astrology, palm, jewelry, fire, sand, water, and smoke readings. Mad Magda's Tea Room. San Francisco, CA. A garage-sale-chic California teahouse that periodically features tea readings. Sax & The Eclectic Tea Cup. It is located in Toronto. Sax Francisco is a Clairvoyant specializing in Tasseomancy. Her private sessions start at Cdn$75.00 and can be conducted in person or by phone. Sax is also available at The Omega Centre Bookstore, 29 Yorkville Avenue Toronto, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. There you can enjoy 15 and 30 minute sessions for $25.00 and $50.00 respectively. For more information please check out the website:

c. Places to Learn More

Tasseomancy workshops with Sax Francisco, Toronto. Introduction to Tasseomancy is a four week course exploring the history and practice of Tasseomancy with specific emphasis on Symbolism, Interpretation and Timing. Sax is also writing a book entitled "The Eclectic Tea Cup - A Clairvoyant's Guide to Tasseomancy" which will be self-published in 2003. Look for her course at The Learning Annex, Toronto in January through April 2003.

American Institute of Natural Sciences. Correspondence course [6 lessons] including: Symbolism; Choice of Teas; Time, Place and Person; Lines, Patterns and Space; Breezes and Storms in Teacups. Students receive a Tasseography diploma. Price US$325! The Lighthouse Centre offers courses in tea leaf reading for a mere $10, Monday thru Wednesday and on Saturday. ‘Course, with the price of an airplane ticket to New South Wales, it's not much cheaper than the American Institute, above. Tea Cup Reading — This is a promotion for a self published book by a person who was taught [indirectly] by his/her grandmother, a "renowned" Scottish tea cup reader. The site features a sample cup and the resulting reading. Book can be downloaded for US$15.

d. Chat room

Esoteric World News Chat Room. Among many other topics, tasseography is covered in this room, but you may need to bring your own friends.

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