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More than a millenia old. Japanese Tumulus lidded container. small chip at the lid. Very rare piece. US$3000
height: 5.5cm / breadth: 13cm / width: 13cm
ancientbowl1a ancientbowl1b ancientbowl1c ancientbowl1d
Okinawa (now part of Japan) pre 17th century kyuusu (water, tea, medicine dispenser). Lid missing. Rare piece. US$1000
height: 4.5cm / breadth: 10cm / width: 9.5cm
boiler1a boiler1b boiler1c boiler1d
boiler1e boiler1f    
Chinese small vase. Song or Yuan. Export ware to Southeast Asia. Rare pale green. Perfect condition. US$250 SOLD
height: 10cm / breadth: 5cm / width: 5cm
bottle1a bottle1b bottle1c  
Kutani lidded Japanese bowl. Meiji to Taisho Perfect condition. US$250
height: 8.2cm / breadth: 12.8cm / width: 12.8cm
bowl1a bowl1b bowl1c bowl1d
bowl1e bowl1f    
Japanese Flower shaped bowl with tripod legs. with small chip at the leg. US$200 SOLD
height: 9.5cm / breadth: 17cm / width: 17cm
bowl2a bowl2b bowl2c bowl2d
Japanese Meiji to early Showa lidded container. With Tang-inspired pattern. Perfect condition. US$75
height: 10cm / breadth: 14cm / width: 14cm
bowl3a bowl3b bowl3c bowl3d
Japanese celadon bowl with Arabesque border. Figure drawing in the center. Small chip. US$600
height: 8cm / breadth: 8.8cm / width: 8.8cm
bowl5a bowl5b bowl5c bowl5d
Very very rare Arita Japanese plate made for Japanese nobility. Perfect condition. US$5000
height: 5.4cm / breadth: 18.5cm / width: 18.5cm
bowl6a bowl6b bowl6c bowl6d
Japanese Kutani Tea cup with micro writings. Meiji to early Showa. Elaborate chrysanthemum pattern. US$150
height: 7cm / breadth: 7cm / width: 7cm
cup1a cup1b cup1c cup1d
Early postwar Japanese Export ware to Saigon during the first Vietnam War that saw the world famous Dien Bien Phu battle (with markings underneath to prove it . Enamel pasted. US$600
breadth: 23cm / width: 23cm
plate1a plate1b plate1c
Japanese Plate with female dancers all round. Late Meiji to early Showa. Perfect condition with minor worn off overglaze due to use. US$600 SOLD
breadth: 21.5cm / width: 21.5cm
Plate2a Plate2b plate2c  
Japanese Late Meiji to early Showa. Beaded pattern by the border. Picture of rising sun symbolizing Japan. US$500 SOLD
height: 3.2cm / breadth: 12.8cm / width: 12.8cm
plate3a plate3b plate3c plate3d
Japanese Meiji Arita large plate. Paper transfer. With a hairline crack. Featured in the Malacca museum as well as museums in Osaka. US$250 SOLD
height: 6.8cm / breadth: 46.8cm / width: 46.8cm (a very large plate)
plate4a plate4b plate4c plate4d
Very rare late Japanese Edo early Meiji plate. With dragon drawing. Southern kiln for export. Perfect condition. US$1000 SOLD
height: 3.8cm / breadth: 18.5cm / width: 18.5cm
plate5a plate5b    
Japanese Ink slab. With carvings on it indicating Taisho period. Rare piece. Perfect condition. US$5000
height: 3.8cm / breadth: 14cm / width: 9.5cm
stone1a stone1b stone1c stone1d
Chinese Ink Slab. Extremely rare. with dragon carvings. US$5000
height: 4.5cm / breadth: 15cm / width: 12.5cm
stone2a stone2b stone2c  
Chinese teapot. Late Qing. Yixing teapot with enamel. US$600
height: 6.3cm / breadth: 14.6cm / width: 10.1cm
teapot1a teapot1b teapot1c teapot1d

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