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The Wu Wo Tea Ceremony

The Wu Wo tea ceremony

This is a style of tea ceremony where drinkers bring their own tea sets and sit in a circle. When the ceremony starts, everyone makes tea using the tea leaves he has brought.. If 4 cups of tea are required, three of the cups will be served to the three poeple on your left and the last cup will be reserved for yourself . when the tea has been drunk, a second infusion will follow. After completing the required number of infusions, gather your own cups and pack up your tea sets. It has come to an end.

This is a ceremony where everyone makes serves and drinks tea. as seating is decided by a random draw. no one knows beforehand who he will serve tea to or whose tea he will be served. This tea ceremony has 7 principles.

  • 1. here is no distinction of social rank

  • 2. There are no expectations of a reward

  • 3. Keep an open mind

  • 4. Adopt a postiive attitude, striving constantly to improve

  • 5. Abide by the rules and the arranged scehdule.

  • 6. Cultivate cooperation

  • 7. There is no differences in sect or region.
Late arrivals are strictly not tolerated.

Wu Wo literally translated means Without self. it is a Buddhist concept, where one who reaches nirvana will not exist in the physical plane anymore.


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